Storage Services

Storage Service Solutions

If you dream of transforming your graduate’s bedroom into a craft room, saving heirloom furniture for your grandchildren, or tucking your beloved collection of holiday décor away until next year, Morgan Moving & Storage can help. We offer unique and efficient residential storage services to our customers.

Our specially designed trucks bring large, sturdy, wooden storage vaults to your location for loading right then and there. Once your belongings are safely secured within the vaults, our trucks haul them to a warehouse where a forklift guides them to a protected pallet away from the floor. This process ensures that your possessions are handled only half as much as they would be when dealing with other household storage service facilities.

Solid and Secure

Based in Chester County, Morgan Moving & Storage’s two warehouses provide almost 30,000 square feet of storage space, and are enclosed within a fenced lot. Both are built of strong steel and concrete, providing fire resistance within their structure. Our 24,000 square foot modern furniture storage services facility has the additional protection of fire, smoke and intrusion alarms, all monitored 24 hours a day.

After your household items are stored within vaults and wrapped, they are then placed inside of a palletized warehouse where they are marked with a unique storage lot number. Wrapped and sealed furniture is stored on racks, and also given a lot number. These lot numbers are recorded via two separate, secure methods to ensure redundancy and recourse.

Clean and Dry

Beyond ensuring safety and security when it comes to our storage services, we also strive to provide an environment conducive to preserving the integrity of materials stored within our warehouses. Stored items never come into contact with the floor, and a “flow through” ventilation system prevents moisture and mildew build-up. Your goods are kept safely, fully protected and in excellent condition until you are ready to use them again.

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