West Chester

Morgan Moving has been a community friendly, family owned company for over 24 years.  We understand our customer’s desire to remain in a family oriented neighborhood. We take pride in our customer service and our outstanding performance as we continue to operate in several areas of Pennsylvania. Morgan Moving has set the goal of being one of the finest West Chester residential movers for all of your needs. 

We are willing to work with you to ensure that your move is not only convenient but also stress-free.  We use the latest technology available, which allows you to keep up with the status of your move as it happens. Morgan Moving has trained our experienced and qualified staff to provide cost effective, prompt, and caring service to our West Chester customers so they can feel at ease in the relocation process.

West Chester has a rich history. Once a center for clock making, West Chester provides many great examples of brilliantly designed architecture dating back to the early stages of American History. The center of the town features the courthouse, which was designed by Thomas U Walter, who was one of the designers of the Capitol in Washington DC. Visitors can also see nearby Valley Forge National Historic Park, which was an encampment during the Revolutionary War for American Forces. Morgan Moving proudly serves the residents of the charming and welcoming community of West Chester as a licensed mover.

Not all residential moving companies have been certified to work in West Chester. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and the Pennsylvania Moving and Storage Association rigorously regulates companies in this area to ensure that all companies comply with standards and insurance. Morgan Moving is proud to be certified as one of the moving companies permitted to work in West Chester. Our employees are here to work for you. Contact us today and ask about our great rates, packaging, and protection for all of your belongings.